Oracle x86 hardward new product names

Oracle’s x86 Server Type Former Product Name New Product Name
2 socket 1U Enterprise Sun Fire X4170 M3 Sun Server X3-2
2 socket 2U Enterprise Sun Fire X4270 M3 Sun Server X3-2L
2 socket 2U Carrier-Grade Sun Netra X4270 M3 Netra Server X3-2
2 socket Blade Enterprise Sun Blade X6270 M3 Sun Blade X3-2B
2 socket Blade Carrier-Grade Sun Netra X6270 M3 Netra Blade X3-2B
4 socket 3U Enterprise Sun Fire X4470 M2 Sun Server X2-4
8 socket 5U Enterprise Sun Fire X4800 M2 Sun Server X2-8

Emulate ALOM from ILOM

Emulate ALOM from ILOM

create /SP/users/admin
Creating user…
Enter new password: ********
Enter new password again: ********
Created /SP/users/admin

-> set /SP/users/admin role=Administrator
Set ‘role’ to ‘Administrator’

-> set /SP/users/admin cli_mode=alom
Set ‘cli_mode’ to ‘alom’

-> exit

Now you can logon as admin

login: admin
Waiting for daemons to initialize…

Daemons ready

Sun(TM) Integrated Lights Out Manager


Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.


Mounting a USB Device on a SunRay

Below are the command that you need to run to locate and use a USB Device on a SunRay.

# cd /

# cd /tmp/SUNWut/mnt

# cd "login XX######"
("login XX######"=the name you login onto the SunRay with)

# ls -al

# ln -s /tmp/SUNWut/mnt/"login XX######"/"USB dir name" "Simple Link Name"
(this creates a link to the drive; USB dir name = what ever is listed; Simple Link Name is whatever you want to name the link)

# mv "Simple Link Name" /home/"login XX######"/"where ever you want it"
(This moves the link to an easy to access location)

That is it!

ZFS Snapshots and Clones

ZFS Snapshots and Clones

To create a snapshot:
#zfs snapshot pool-name/filesystem-name@ snapshot-name

To clone a snapshot:
#zfs clone snapshot-name filesystem-name

To roll back to a snapshot:
#zfs rollback pool-name/filesystem-name@snapshot-name

zfs send and zfs receive allow clones of filesystems to be sent to a development environment.

The difference between a snapshot and a clone is that a clone is a writable, mountable copy of the file system. This capability allows us to store multiple copies of mostly-shared data in a very space-efficient way.

Each snapshot is accessible through the .zfs/snapshot in the /pool-name directory. This can allow end users to recover their files without system administrator intervention.

X4200 Hardware RAID

X4200 Hardware RAID

boot and hit control F to get into the bios
Choose your type of raid

If you are running Windows (YECH) there is a gui to monitor the raid:
MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM-IR) Installation

download mystorage (windows)

Updating Firmware / ALOM / LSI on SUN Xnnnn servers

Updating Firmware / ALOM / LSI on SUN Xnnnn servers

1. Go to the sun website for your server (or what ever your server type is)

2. Select Support tab

3. click on download firmware and drivers

4. download the firmware update iso (now at for the X4100)
you will need your sunsolve login

5. burn it

6. Set the bios to boot from CD as primary device

7. Follow the menu selections

As a general rule, if you update bios you also need to update ALOM and visa-versa.

If you update a non M2 system with an M2 iso, or update a M2 system with a non M2 iso, your motherboard is now toast