system report utility

Sysreport is a utility used to collect data to help Technical Support and Developers in solving problems associated with Red Hat Linux. This tool gathers as much information as possible about your system; while trying to avoid
A: creating a large file
B: invading privacy and
C: Collecting information that could be detrimental to the integrity of your system.

The idea/design of this utility is to gather all the valuable information about your system and keeping that data in a small file (.tar.gz) in case the problem is network related; the output from this can be moved to a floppy and sent from a working machine.

When sending this file created by Sysreport please be sure include the incident #/bug #, the name of the person who requested the file, as well as you name (Don’t forget to attach the tar.gz also). The e-mail to send the output to it will tell you this during the process.

Sysreport is released under the same GPL as all Software produced by Red Hat Inc and is freely distributable.

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