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*** Start GRSD6102 Hardware Onsite Action Plan June 2005 ***


|> Add required skills here <| PARTS REQUIRED: USE INFORMATION IN TASK UNLESS ENTERED BELOW Part number |>Part Number<| Quantity |>Qty<| Description |>Description<| DOA New |>Yes/No<| Alternate Part |>Part Number<| DELIVERY REQUIREMENT |>Immediate / Next Day / Desk to Desk/Other please specify<| ONSITE VISIT DETAILS, USE INFORMATION IN CASE /TASK UNLESS ENTERED BELOW: Customer Name : |> Onsite customer’s contact <| Phone Number : |> Onsite customer’s phone number <| Email Address : |> Onsite customer’s email address <| Postal Address : |> Postal address of where the system is located <| Visit Date : |> Requested date for site visit <| Visit Time : |> Requested time for site visit <| Alternate Contact: |> Name & Phone No<| FIELD ENGINEER INSTRUCTIONS PROBLEM OVERVIEW: |> Overview of the problem <| *** System Error Message *** |> Insert either Solaris error messages or descriptive error (maximum 256 characters) <| *** End of System Error Message *** CONFIRM THE FAULT BY CHECKING: |> Messages, liaising with customer, diagnostic tests, <| WHAT ACTION DOES THE ENGINEER NEED TO TAKE: |> FRU, FIN, FCO, firmware update, patches add onsite action plan here <| SHOULD DYNAMIC RECONFIGURATION BE USED |> Yes/No <| CONFIRM THE FIX BY: |> Testing via OBP diags, SUNvts, from Unix, Messages <| PARTS AUTHORISATION CODE(s): |> Authorisation Code if the part to be replaced is included in ?FRU Controlled List?<| PARTS NOTE: |> Alternative parts, special instructions for the engineer <| IS AN OUTAGE REQUIRED AND HAS THIS BEEN AGREED WITH THE CUSTOMER: |> Yes/No <| DIAGNOSIS ENGINEER CONTACT : |> Name, Phone and email address of diagnosing engineer <| ALTERNATE CONTACT (7x24) : |> Alternate contact for diagnosing engineer (Name Phone and email address) <| ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: |> Requested time, estimated time to perform repair, any other useful information etc. <| **** End GRSD6102 Hardware Onsite Action Plan June 2005 ****** Start GRSD6101 Initial Technical Investigation Template March 06*** PROBLEM OVERVIEW: |> Describe the customer’s problem – What are their concerns ? <| IMPACT: |> What’s the impact on the customers business <| RELEVANT CONFIGURATION & STORAGE TYPE: |> Cluster, Server, Standalone, T3, VxVm, SAN, HDS etc.<| RELEVANT ERROR MESSAGES: |> Console, /var/adm, dmesg, LEDs on system <| DO WE HAVE A CURRENT EXPLORER OR IS "SRS" ENABLED (IF APPLICABLE)?: |> Date <| RECENT SYSTEM CHANGES (IF APPLICABLE)?: |> Hardware, software, location <| WHAT ELSE: |> Any other information that you feel should be recorded <| Is this a Secure Data site that will not allow Disk/Monitors/Tapes to be recovered |>Yes/No<| WHAT IS YOUR PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS: |> List the possible cause(s) of this problem <| NEXT ACTIONS PLANNED, IF ANY: |> Next action(s) that must be taken to resolve this incident <| *** End GRSD Initial Technical Investigation Template March 06****

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