Templates – Parts Only

***Start GRSD6104 Parts Only Template June 05 ***


Part number |>Part Number<| Quantity |>Qty<| Description |>Description<| DOA New |>Yes/No<| Alternate Part |>Part Number<| PARTS AUTHORISATION CODE(s): |> Authorisation Code if the part to be replaced is included in ?FRU Controlled List?<| DELIVERY REQUIREMENT |>Immediate / Next Day / Desk to Desk/Other please specify<| PARTS DELIVERY DETAILS : USE INFORMATION IN TASK UNLESS ENTERED BELOW Customer Name : |> Onsite customer’s contact <| Phone Number : |> Onsite customer’s phone number <| Email Address : |> Onsite customer’s email address <| Postal Address : |> Postal address of where the Parts are to be shipped <| Delivery Date : |> Requested date for Parts Delivery <| Delivery Time : |> Requested time for Parts Delivery <| Alternate Contact : |> Name & Phone No<| Special Instructions : |> Any special delivery instruction<| *** End GRSD Parts Only Template June 05 ***

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