T3 extractor

Sun StorEdge T3/T3+/T4/6120 Array T3extractor (t3xtr) is a simple perl script
that gathers configuration data from T3 family arrays via their Ethernet
connection. A perl interpreter is included, so perl does not need to be

It can be run from any host that has access to the T3s’ administrative network
and does not require root access on the host executing the program. Root access
for the T3s being queried is required, however. Data is collected and stored in
a compressed tarfile (t3data.hostid.hostname-YYYY.MM.DD.HH.MM-tar.Z) which
contains a subdirectory for each T3 unit or partner group queried.

T3 array hostnames are passed to the program using the "t3hosts" file. If this
file does not exist, the program prompts the user to enter the T3 array
hostnames. The T3 array hostnames can also be included on the command line as
comma separated arguments to the program.

To install and execute the program, perform the following steps:
1. # zcat T3extractor-1.10.tar.Z | tar xf –
2. # cd T3extractor-1.10
3. (optional) edit the t3hosts file (see t3hosts.example)
4. # ./t3xtr

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