How to update OBP

download the patch from SunSolve
Unzip the patch
copy the patch to the upload directory

# cp /home/test/116056-03/flash*latest /
# chmod 755 /flash-update*
# ls -al /flash*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root other 2529836 Aug 27 09:10 flash-update-SunFire240-latest

Bring the system down

# init 0

from OBP

System now needs to be booted to run the Flash Update utility. Please note
this systems "boot-device" parameter is "disk".If system being updated has a
different parameter then that is what should be used in the following boot command.
Using the "printenv" command from the ok> prompt, and checking the "boot-device"
parameter will confirm what should be used.The Flash Update utility will then
be run.It will require four responses.I have indicated the the correct reponses
by putting them in double quotes.

{0} ok boot disk /flash-update-SunFire240-latest

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