Using YUM to update software

How do I install software for Fedora? (How to use yum or an RPM) (Updated 9 May 2006)
A: The easiest way to install software in Fedora is to use yum.

Configuring Yum

Here’s how to configure your yum:

1. Open a Terminal.
2. Become root:

su –
3. Run these commands to remove your yum.conf file and replace it with a fresh one (Updated 1 May 2006):

cd /etc
mv -f yum.conf yum.conf.bak
4. Now, install my yum configuration (Updated 9 May 2006), using this command:

rpm -Uvh

NOTE: The yum configuration provided here is updated from time to time, for various reasons.
Using Yum

To use yum, open a terminal, become root, and then you can use the following commands:

* To see a list of available software:

yum list available
* To install some software, you type:

yum install packagename
* To update some software, you type:

yum update packagename

If you leave out "packagename" yum will update all your software.
* To see what updates are available, you can do:

yum check-update
* To search for a package, you can do:

yum search word

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