How to determine the number of inodes in use in a vxfs filesystem.

To determine the number of inodes currently in use in a particular
VxFS (Veritas) filesystem, run ‘df -g’ on the filesystem in question,
and then subtract the reported number of "free files" from the
reported number of "total files".

For example:

# df -g /ck
/ck (/dev/vx/dsk/vol04): 8192 block size 2048 frag size
17678336 total blocks 17325188 free blocks 16783892 available 1095168 total
1082820 free files 37086307 filesys id
vxfs fstype 0x00000004 flag 255 filename length

The number of inodes in use is 12348 (1095168 – 1082820).

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