StorEdge L9 timeout

reset the drivers

#devfsadm -v

Delete the jukebox using


Re-configure the jukebox with jbconfig

1) Configure an AlphaStor/SmartMedia Jukebox.
2) Configure an Autodetected SCSI Jukebox.
3) Configure an Autodetected NDMP SCSI Jukebox.
4) Configure an SJI Jukebox.
5) Configure an STL Silo.

What kind of Jukebox are you configuring? [1] 2 These are the SCSI
Jukeboxes currently attached to your system:
1) /dev/scsi/changer/c6t0d0: Standard SCSI Jukebox, ADIC / FastStor 2
2) /dev/scsi/changer/c8t1d0: Standard SCSI Jukebox, ADIC / FastStor DLT


Verify the jukebox after re-configuration

#/usr/sbin/nsr/nsrjb -j

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