Update the nameserver cache information file

# Update the nameserver cache information file once per month.
# This is run automatically by a cron entry.
# Original by Al Longyear
# Updated for BIND 8 by Nicolai Langfeldt
# Updated for BIND 9 on RedHat Systems by Souvik Prasad
# Miscelanious error-conditions reported by David A. Ranch
# Ping test suggested by Martin Foster
# named up-test suggested by Erik Bryer.
echo "To: root@localhost"
echo "From: root@localhost"

# Is named up? Check the status of named.
case `rndc status 2>&1` in
echo "named is DOWN. named.ca was NOT updated"
exit 0

export PATH
# NOTE: /var/named must be writable only by trusted users or this script
# will cause root compromise/denial of service opportunities.
cd /var/named 2>/dev/null || {
echo "Subject: Cannot cd to /var/named, error $?"
echo "The subject says it all"
exit 1

# Are we online? Ping a server at your ISP
case `ping -qnc 1 -w60 www.vsnl.com 2>&1` in
*’100% loss’*)
echo "Subject: named.ca NOT updated. The network is DOWN."
echo "The subject says it all"
exit 1

dig @e.root-servers.net . ns > named.ca.new 2> errors

case `cat named.ca.new` in
# It worked
echo "Subject: The named.ca file update has FAILED."
echo "The named.ca update has failed"
echo "This is the dig output reported:"
cat named.ca.new errors
exit 1

echo "Subject: The named.ca file has been updated"
echo "The named.ca file has been updated to contain the following
cat named.ca.new

chown root.root named.ca.new
chmod 444 named.ca.new
rm -f named.ca.old errors
mv named.ca named.ca.old
mv named.ca.new named.ca
rndc reload 2>&1
echo "The nameserver has been restarted to ensure that the update is complete."
echo "The previous named.ca file is now called
) 2>&1 > /tmp/update-named.ca
cat /tmp/update-named.ca | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t
rm -f /tmp/update-named.ca
exit 0

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