Set up V490 service processor

The rscadm utility and its subcommands allow administration of Sun Remote System Control (RSC) from the host. You must log in to the server as root to use rscadm.

Installation places the rscadm utility in the following directory:


You can obtain the string to use for platform-name using the Solaris command
uname -i.

resetrsc [-s]

This subcommand resets RSC immediately. To terminate all connections cleanly before the reset, use the -s option. If no argument is supplied, this subcommand performs a hard reset and drops all connections.

Note – When you reset RSC on a Sun Enterprise 250 server without also resetting the server, RSC time defaults to 1/1/70. To synchronize RSC time with server time, reset the server, use the rscadmcommand rscadm date -s, or run the script /usr/platform/platform-name/rsc/rsc-initscript. You can obtain the string to use for platform-nameusing the Solaris command uname -i.

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