Redirect console to RSC

To use the RSC card the system administrator needs to redirect the console to the RSC. Certain faults are undiagnosable if the console log at the time of failure is not captured. Once the RSC is setup as the console device this vital data is captured automatically. In addition the system can be powered off and on remotely making remote management much easier.

After downloading and installing the RSC packages setup the RSC card from Solaris using the rsc-config command.

/usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rsc-config

Confirm you are able to login to the RSC card via the RSC serial or the network connection. Once remote login to the RSC card is working you can setup the console redirection. From the ok prompt run the following commands, have a session open to the console on the RSC card as once you reset-all the POST output will be output to the console.

ok setenv diag-out-console true

ok setenv input-device rsc-console

ok setenv output-device rsc-console

ok reset-all

The same changes could be made from Solaris using the eeprom command, the changes would take affect at the next reboot.

# eeprom diag-out-console=true

# eeprom input-device=rsc-console

# eeprom output-device rsc-console

Switching the console back to TTYA

If you need to redirect the console back to TTYA there are a number of options. OBP 4.15.x introduced “Service mode”, after shutting down the system turn the keyswitch to the diagnostics position and power on. The console will be redirected to the ttya serial port until the keyswitch is returned to normal and the system is reset. This was introduced to allow engineers sent to site to more easily work on the systems without requiring knowledge of the customer RSC passwords.

Alternatively if a more persistent solution is required you can set the individual OBP variables back to the defaults:

ok setenv diag-out-console false

ok setenv input-device keyboard

ok setenv output-device screen

If access to Solaris and the RSC card is not available as a last resort the RSC card can be removed. This will temporarily reset the console output to the TTYA port. Once the OBP has been started, the parameters will need to be reset appropriately until the RSC card has been configured.

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