Firefox / Thunderbird – HOW-TO: Print on your Sunray

Just wanted to share this information with those of you who use Firefox or Thunderbird.

Sometimes when you want to print–depending on your configuration–you are unable to because it does not list any printers except for PostScript/default.

Heres how to fix it!


Close all of your Firefox sessions.

Open a new session.

In the address bar type about:config and press enter.

You will now see a big list of variables that can be changed. There will also be a new bar named Filter.

Type print.printer_list in the filter bar.

You will see something like so:

print.printer_list default string

You need to double click on that line, or right click then hit Modify.

In the next pop up, it will ask you what to change it to. Add the following:

upla01p01sgl upla01p01dbl upla01p02sgl upla01p02dbl

NOTE: Notice the spaces between each one!

You are now halfway done!

Now go back to the Filter bar and type


You should see three listings in there.

Modify each one of those values to the following:


**TIP** IF you want to NOT print the banner page that comes up with your user name and the lexmark logo (what a waste of paper), add a -h to the end of the line above. Like so:

/usr/ucb/lpr ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+’-P’}${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME} -h

Quit out of Firefox, and reload it or rerun it, which ever sounds best to you..

Go to a test page of your choice. Then do File>Print…>Select Your Printer from the "Printer Name:" pull down box>Click the Print button on the bottom right of that window.>Walk to the printer, and wait gleefully for your freshly printed paper.


And now: Thunderbird!

Close Thunderbird.

Create or modify the following file:

NOTE: If you cant find this directory, do a search in $HOME/.thunderbird for prefs.js . Once you find that directory, go in there and you can do the steps below

In the freshly opened, or created user.js file add the following three lines exactly as they are written (They all must be one line each):

NOTE: vi may not be very nice with these two lines. Use gedit, or dtpad, or whatever you want. Use vi if you wish.

user_pref("print.printer_list","upla01p01sgl upla01p01dbl upla01p02sgl upla01p02dbl");
user_pref("print.postscript.print_command", "/usr/ucb/lpr ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+’-P’}${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME}");
user_pref("print.print_command", "/usr/ucb/lpr ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+’-P’}${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME}");


I chmodded user.js it to 755 because prefs.js is 755. Do it if you want. I dont know if it makes a difference. (chmod 755 user.js)

Restart Thunderbird, open an email, and print it! Same previous tip on the banner page removal applies to the three lines above.

Hope this helps some of you,


Rex Torres
Technical Support Engineer
Sun Customer Care Center

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