OK (PROM) commands

OK (PROM) commands Function
================== =======================
.registers displays CPU contents
.speed number & speed of processors/bus
banner display some sysinfo
boot boot system with default option from default device
boot -a interactive boot mode
boot device -arguments boot to device with arguments
boot -r reconstructs the path_to_inst file
boot -s single user (maintenance) boot mode
boot -v verbose boot mode
cd path change to specified path
device-end exit device tree
go resume normal SOE ops
help command for the most part…useless
input-device keyboard set input device to keyboard
input-device ttya set input device to ttya
ls displays contents; unavailable in leaf mode
mfg-mode off disables manufacturing mode
mfg-mode on enables manufacturing mode
nvalias ‘alias-name’ dev-path aliases device-path to alias-name
obdiag enter menu-driven diags
output-device monitor set output device to monitor
output-device ttya set output device to ttya
power-off turn off system power
printenv displays environment settings
printenv nvramrc displays current alias informatoin
probe-ide probes IDE devices
probe-scsi probe devices on primary SCSI controller
probe-scsi-all probe all SCSI devices
pwd shows location in the device tree
reest-all soft reboot of the machine
set-defaults resets NVRAM
setenv auto-boot? false boot to PROM not SOE
setenv diag-switch? true enable full POST
show-disks shows all disks preset
show-sbus shows cards and slots in SBUS systems
show-tapes shows internal tape drives
sifting string shows commands containing string
wathc-net-all puts all eth devs in promiscuous mode
watch-net puts eth0 into promicuous mode
words shows available OBP commands

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