Start and stop SamFS

Start and stop SamFS

1. Open up the "samu" command interface and go to "s" screen.
2. Idle the library(s) by issuing a :idle eq# where eq# is the eq of the library for each library. i.e. – 50 first then 60 in the example below
3. Idle the drives individually by issuing a :idle eq# where eq# is the eq of the drives. i.e. – 51-52, 61-62 in the example below
4. Wait until the libraries indicate idle, and all activity has stopped on the tape drives and the "on" status is replaced with "off" or "DOWN" on all drives. 5. Quit out of samu by issuing "q"
6. At the root prompt: # "samd stop" ——> All versions
7. Allow a minute or two to allow all processes to stop.
8. Verify processes that should terminate have:

# ps -ef | grep sam- ——> On 3.5 and before ensure
all sam processes are stopped, if they are not, use a kill
statement on the processes still left.
——> On 4.0
some processes will still be running

9. To start or restart samfs again, at the root prompt:
——> On 3.5 and before, # "samd start"
——> On 4.0 and later, # "samd config"

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