Renaming a Zone

To rename a zone:
[[oldname]] refers to the old name of the zone.
[[newname]] refers to the new name of the zone.

1. Halt the zone.

2. Ensure that no other zones on the system are being installed,
being removed, or being configured during this procedure.

3. Make a backup copy of the file: /etc/zones/index

4. Make a backup copy of the file: /etc/zones/[[oldname]].xml

5. Edit the file /etc/zones/index. Locate the line
corresponding to [[oldname]]; the zone name is the first field.

6. Change [[oldname]] to [[newname]].

7. Move the file /etc/zones/[[oldname]].xml to

8. Edit /etc/zones/[[newname]].xml. Locate the line which

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