T3 commands

Disable disk enable ep fru help lpc port
proc refresh reset sync sys tail ver vol

usage: disable u
disable ul[1|2]

usage: disk version
disk download

usage: enable u
enable ul[1|2]

usage: ep download

usage: fru l[ist]
fru list sys
fru list [u<1-8>]
fru list [u<1-8>]c[1]
fru list [u<1-8>]d[<1-9>]
fru list [u<1-8>]l[<1-2>]
fru list [u<1-8>]pcu[<1-2>]
fru list [u<1-8>]mpn[1]
fru s[tat]
fru stat sys
fru stat [u<1-8>]
fru stat [u<1-8>]c[1]
fru stat [u<1-8>]d[<1-9>]
fru stat [u<1-8>]l[<1-2>]
fru stat [u<1-8>]pcu[<1-2>]
fru st[atistic]
fru statistic sys
fru statistic [u<1-8>]
fru statistic [u<1-8>]d[<1-9>]
fru statistic [u<1-8>]p[1][clear]
fru statistic [u<1-8>]v[<1-2>] [clear]
fru myuid

arp cat cd cmpcp dateecho head helpls
mkdir mv pingpwd rmrmdir tail touch boot
disable disk enable fruidlogger lpc more
passwd portproc reset set shutdown sync sys
tzset ver vol ep refresh route ofdg

usage: lpc version
lpc download ul{1|2}
lpc reboot ul{1|2}
lpc rsn ul{1|2}
lpc rid ul{1|2}
lpc ledtest ul{1|2}

usage: port list
port set |s[oft]>
port host
port listmap []

usage: proc list [ | ]
proc kill |

usage: refresh -c —-> start refresh
refresh -s —-> get status
refresh -i —-> re-init command file
refresh -k —-> kill current refreshing task

usage: exactly that…you will be prompted to confirm your
desire to reset the controller

usage: same deal…system will sync data from cache to disk

usage: sys list
sys stat
sys blocksize <16k | 32k | 64k>
sys cache
sys mirror
sys mp_support
sys rd_ahead
sys recon_rate

usage: tail [+|-number[lc]] filename

usage: ver….returns the following version information:
T300 Release 1.16 2000/08/21 19:42:08 (
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

usage: vol list []
vol stat []
vol mode []
vol add data raid <0 | 1 | 5> [standby ]
vol init [rate <1-16>]
vol mount
vol unmount
vol remove
vol verify [fix] [rate <1-8>]
vol recon [to_standby | from_standby]
vol disable [to_standby]

With the Sun StorEdge T3B or T3+ array, and PSOS Version 2.1 and above,
new features and commands have been added.

Sys variable volslice_enable enables volume slicing, lun masking and lun mapping.


volslice list

volslice create -z

volslice rm | -v

lun mapping, map slices to lun’s


lun map add lun slice

lun map list [lun |slice ]

lun map rm lun |slice

lun map rm all

lun masking, set lun permissions or access

lun perm

lun perm list

lun default

lun wwn list

lun wwn rm all

lun wwn rm wwn

wwn groups, allows groups of wwns to share permissions


hwwn add wwn

hwwn rm wwn

hwwn list

hwwn rmgrp

hwwn listgrp

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