WWN identification in Solaris

The Storage Area Network (SAN) foundation software must be installed for this method to work. If you already have a device attached to the HBA, you can get the WWN using ‘luxadm’ commands. The steps, with an example, are as follows:

1) Use luxadm to display the path:

# luxadm -e port

Found path to 1 HBA ports

/devices/pci@4,4000/SUNW,qlc@4/fp@0,0:devctl CONNECTED

NOTE: If the path does not report CONNECTED, it means that no devices are attached to the HBA. Therefore, the following ‘luxadm dump_map’ command will not report the WWN for the HBA.

2) Using the path shown in the previous command, use ‘luxadm’ to report the WWN:

# luxadm -e dump_map /devices/pci@4,4000/SUNW,qlc@4/fp@0,0:devctl

Pos AL_PA ID Hard_Addr Port WWN Node WWN Type

0 2 7c 0 210000e08b05b4c1 200000e08b05b4c1 0x1f (Unknown Type)
1 d9 8 d9 50020f230000a81b 50020f200000a81b 0x0 (Disk device)
2 1 7d 0 210000e08b052b82 200000e08b052b82 0x1f (Unknown Type,
Host Bus Adapter)

Note: The HBA is the device notated as "(Unknown Type, Host Bus Adapter)." The Port and Node WWN are reported. The Port WWN is the number to use for LUN-masking.

In this example, the WWN of the HBA is 210000e08b052b82.

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