Some quick wget tips

$ wget -r -np -nd

This little gem is probably my most used variation. It will download all files in the /packages/ directory on — without traversing up to parent directories (-np), and without recreating the directory structure on your machine (-nd).

$ wget -r -np -nd –accept=iso

Adding the –accept argument with a list of file extensions (comma separated) will grab only those files ending in the specified extension.

Another way to grab just the files you want:

$ wget -i filename.txt

Put all the desired urls in filename.txt and run wget against it to download a list of files automatically.

On a bad connection?

$ wget -c

The “-c” option tells wget to continue and retry until it has completed downloading.

wget -m -k (-H)

Mirror a site, converting its links to work locally, so that you can move the site to another server. Use the ‘-H’ option if images are loaded from another site.

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