Tivoli dsmc quick command reference

Tivoli dsmc quick command reference

Querying your scheduled backup slot
#dsmc q sched

Querying what files are included / excluded for backup
#dsmc q incexcl

Querying what partitions have been backed up
#dsmc q fi

Querying what files have been backed up
#dsmc q ba filename[*]

If you want to query all the current files and directories backed up under a directory and all its subdirectories you need to add the -subdir=yes option as below:
#dsmc q ba dirname/* -subdir=yes

Backing up local disks
#dsmc incr

Restoring your data
The basic syntax for restoring your data is dsmc restore source-file destination-file. If the destination-file is omitted then TSM will restore the file(s) to their original location.

trouble shooting
always check /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsm.sys for location of log files and look at them

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