Storage Operations – VxVM vs RHEL LVM2

Storage Operations – VxVM vs RHEL LVM2

Storage Operation



Installation and Configuration

Installed using Veritas installer

Installed as part of standard build via rpm

Scan for new devices

# vxdctl enable

# vgscan

Print list of volumes

# vxprint -v

# lvdisplay -C

Print current config (detailed)

# vxdg list

# vgdisplay

list volume group information

display volume group information

# vxdisk list

# pvdisplay

list disk information

display physical disk information

# vxprint -l

# lvdisplay

display detailed volume information

display logical volume information

Create new volume group

# vxdg init GROUP01 DISK01

# pvcreate /dev/mapper/mpath0

create diskgroup GROUP01 with device DISK01

# vgcreate GROUP01 /dev/mapper/mpath0

first initialise disk for LVM use, then create group GROUP1 on that disk


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